2016 Kicking Butt 5K - Louisville, August 20, 2016

Cheri's Colon Cancer Crusaders

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My beautiful mother, Cheri Gossman, was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 40, ten years before colonoscopy is recommended. Her battle with colon cancer ended on December 27, 1995 when she left this earth and joined her Heavenly Father. She was 43 years old.


At the ages of 14, 16 and 21 - my brothers and I said good-bye to our brave, funny, generous, loving, beautiful, strong and courageous mother. Our Dad would not have the joy of sharing his 24th wedding anniversary with his bride. My grandparents endured the heartbreak of burying their daughter. All of our hearts were broken and have never fully healed.


Twenty years later, we wonder how different our lives would be and the lives of her 8 grandchildren if only they could have known their Mammaw Cheri and not just listen to the stories and the memories of her that we share.


We fight colon cancer because others don't have to
experience a heartbreaking loss similar to ours.


We fight colon cancer because we don't want it to
affect our family tree every again.


We fight colon cancer because our beautiful mother never got to attend her children's weddings or sing lullabies to her grandbabies.


Just because you do not have symptoms does not mean you do not need to be screened. Colon cancer is preventable and treatable. When it's detected early, colon cancer is up to 90% curable. You do not have to have a family history to get colon cancer. 75% of people diagnosed with colon cancer have no family history.


Make sure your gear in the rear is free and clear!



Thank you for joining me, in my mother's memory. I am humbled to have you at my side as a participant and a supporter. My cup truly runneth over in gratitude.



Jessica Poynter


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